Social media has won, and it’s about time the blissfully ignorant fall in line, follow suit and learn how to get ‘followed’.

While some make the mistake of believing social media is simply a playground for selfies and other forms of self-indulgence, others recognize social media platforms as an arena for industries to communicate with those they service. Social media has become a vital marketing tool for steering business on and offscreen. This particularly true for real estate agents or brokers, who deal in interpersonal relations in addition to acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of homes. Learn a few pointers that will help you to improve your social media reach in the new year.

Tweet @ Specific Groups

It isn’t enough to simply tweet, you have to tweet effectively. One of the best ways to do this is to tweet at others. By inserting the ‘@’ and the beginning of your messages, you can your message at the intended audience. If you’re planning to educate an intended client about a beautiful new property, direct that message toward them and anyone else who might be interested.


Another helpful tip is to use hashtags. This is so very important because the use of hashtags encourages information to be accessed by individuals looking to learn about whatever you’re posting about. If you’re planning to tweet about New York Time’s article “The Appraisal: Where the Sidewalk Ends, Abruptly: Delivery Ramp Vexes Condo’s Residents in Lower Manhattan,” it should read “@nytimes The #Appraisal: Where the Sidewalk Ends, Abruptly: Delivery Ramp Vexes #Condo’s Residents in #Lower #Manhattan” when it reaches the world. That way the message is optimized and has the greatest reach.

Consider Your Social Media Choices

Choose the right social media platforms when sharing particular media. While some platform are for socializing and sharing information, others are simply designated for networking. Instagram is ideal for sharing the exteriors of beautiful homes and Facebook is a great place to showcase new properties. Also, Twitter is an incredible place to communicate and share industry news, which speaks to the housing market. However, if you venture sites such as Quora and Crunchbase and crowd it with with your own listings, others will view it as tacky.

Hyperlocal News

Cater to your local market and speak to those you service. Those in your area are more likely to follow and show interest than individuals who live several states away. Be sure to share information that relates to the your city and neighboring areas. Doing this shows your audience that you know about more than selling houses, you know about the area and the establishments within that area. Communicate your thoughts on nearby restaurants, places to purchase affordable antiques or changes in the community. Also, share localized data about low-cost rent, prime real estate and new developments.


Follow the Leads

Social media can be a great place for finding incredible leads. For real estates agent, living in New York City, watch for tweets from New Yorkers requesting recommendations for housing options. Turning your eye to this long list of potential clients is a bad decision. When possible, direct them to your website and communicate a relevant property.

For the real estate industry, social media is an incredible place. Today, real estate agents who are “plugged in” and know how to use these platforms as a vital tool outperform those who fail to.  I named five ways to improve your social media reach as a real estate agent in 2016, but there are other ways. also.