Forget Fashion Week, the luxury apartments hitting the market in NYC this Fall are the real showstoppers. Characterized by their sleek design, amenities, exclusivity, quality, and views, nothing has been left out or done mediocrely. The premium level of real estate has just topped itself.

1. Sleek Design

Architecturally appealing and innovative, apartments and living luxuriously somehow has gotten more stylish in New York City. The floorplans are streamlined and set up for effortless fluidity, providing you the space to utilize your space however you please.  Think: modern with elegance.

2. Amenities

The amenities are an endless sea, and if you think life couldn’t get any more convenient in the city, you were wrong. A skylit swimming pool, private spa suites featuring waterfall showers, saunas, thermal baths, steam rooms, gyms, landscaped gardens, and even an IMAX theater room are only a few of the amenities you can enjoy in these chic buildings. Private garages for your vehicles and bikes are also available.

3. Exclusivity

As you can imagine, exclusivity is a major component to the newest places to be revealed in the city. SHoP Architects tower will be joining “Billionaires Row” with views of Central Park. There will only be 60 units available, while British architect, Lord Norman Foster’s building in the same area will have a total of 94 units. Some contain as little as 14 units, making the apartments rare commodities.

4. Quality

And with design and exclusivity, comes quality. From the finishes on floors to the state-of-the-art kitchens, everything is up to the highest standard. Light fixtures are sleek and modern, supporting open-style floor plans.

5. The View

What is the overlying theme for some of the finest buildings hitting NYC? The view. It’s no secret that in Manhattan, the only way is up, and these buildings are doing it in style with floor-to-ceiling windows, and some are even doing it in 360 degrees. The abundance of windows creates openness and allows air to breath in the space. Architecture Prize winner, Zaha Hadid’s newest project along the high line demonstrates this trend with a glass curtain of windows.

There is a total of 5,300 units available this Fall. This is more than twice what there was last year.  It appears as though the market for luxury apartments and condominiums is ever growing. Leaving us to think, what will be next?


Info courtesy of nydailynews