The pandemic has led to online business in many fields, including real estate. Real estate agents are unable to have a physical meeting with their clients due to COVID rules. The good thing is that the pandemic has enabled many people to realize the richness of technology they ignored. Here are some online tools that real estate can utilize.


WiseStamp helps real estate agents to design professional signatures for emails. The agent has an alternative to use the available templates. They can also choose to create a template from scratch. Amazingly, the email signatures are compatible with Gmail and Microsoft office outlook. The dashboard enables real estate agents to create branded marketing campaigns.


Propertybase is an ideal tool for a real estate agent. Propertybase has marketing tools such as email, website, and social media. The marketing studio has marketing automation that allows the real estate agent to create branded campaigns and follow-up leads. Furthermore, it has a customer relationship management segment that helps the agent improve the customer experience. Some of the features in Propertybase include managing listing and following up with texts.


Canva is important for non-tech real estate agents. Canva helps the user to create everything they need for their real estate online marketing. An agent can create stationery, business card, and social media campaigns, which can be modified to meet the agent’s needs. A remarkable thing about Canva is that one can create a graphic design from scratch. Some of the exciting features in the Canva include an extensive template gallery, printable products, and a chance to make the desired design.

Instagram TV

Instagram TV helps the agent to showcase their properties. Instagram is an essential tool because it has more than one billion subscribers. Therefore, the agent gets a chance to address the targeted audience. Agents who use Instagram television have an opportunity to develop their presence and grow their following. The best part is that the agent can share short and long videos about their offer. Therefore, they increase the chance of getting more clients.

Knowing the right tools for real estate agents is essential for their success. WiseStamp, Propertybase Canva, and Instagram have proved to be useful for real estate agents.