Kevin BrunnockSociety’s elite, wealthy and famous are best positioned to afford luxurious New York City real estate.

For most middle-class Americans, purchasing a nice home in a big city such as San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, or Boston, is something that one can only dream of. Not only are homes in these bustling areas come at a steep price, but the square footage per unit is rather small. Perhaps this is the reason there are so many celebrity homes located in the Big Apple; only the most elite individuals in society can afford the luxurious New York City real estate.

Sold for a cool $4.9 million, Daniel Radcliffe purchased his three-bedroom apartment overlooking the New York Harbor back in 2008. After choosing a bottle of wine from the home’s 500-bottle wine cellar, Radcliffe and his guests can watch the sunset through the beautiful curved windows. Complete with granite and marble countertops, this house is now valued at $5.2 million.

While the views in Radcliffe’s apartment are phenomenal, other celebrities prefer a more secluded and quiet space to come home to after a hard day’s work. Located in Chelsea, Cameron Diaz purchased her apartment for $9 million. The home features soundproof floors and walls that are 18-inches thick, ensuring maximum privacy to its residents. This cozy and warm retreat is one of the best pieces of real estate in the city, which is why there was a bidding war among several stars within the entertainment industry.

Another celebrity home that makes the list is Leonardo DiCaprio’s luxury green apartment located just north of New York City’s Financial District. Amenities in this two-bedroom piece of paradise include a wellness concierge and vitamin C-infused showers. Valued at $10 million, Leo’s sanctuary is located in Greenwich Village.

Bought for a whopping $14 million, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s mansion can be found in the Flatiron District. This three-bedroom condo is located on the 47th floor of a high-rise unit located in the heart of Manhattan. The marble countertops and floor-to-ceiling windows provide spectacular 360 views of the city all throughout the day.

Closing out the list of 5 nicest celebrity homes in New York City is Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ newly renovated SoHo penthouse. This piece of the lavish real estate includes a rooftop deck, top-of-the-line home gym, outdoor fireplace, and brand new white oak floors. Valued at $24.5 million, this five-bed, four-bath apartment is hands-down one of the best celebrity homes in the Big Apple.

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