Kevin Brunnock is real estate professional who prides himself on his knowledge of high-end and luxury real estate. Additionally, he’s a man with varied interests, which includes the love of delectable food and fine wine –all of which happens to be an important part of the New York City landscape.

Kevin Brunnock established a flourishing career in the heart of New York City, not simply because of the city’s incomparable architecture, its rich history, or its sprawling culture, but because New York City continues to be the center of the world.

Because New York City has cemented its place as a capital destination for trend and industry innovation, Kevin Brunnock benefits from the continued interest in the city, both professionally and personally. To learn more about Kevin Brunnock, New York City, and important thoughts relating to real estate, please consider finding Kevin Brunnock on the following properties: Twitter, Slideshare, LinkedInPinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Google+, and Vimeo.